We have successfully completed thousands of projects for numerous clients. Our project resume includes a diverse listing of project types and scopes including refining and petrochemical process units, upstream oil and gas facilities, environmental infrastructure, and many types of manufacturing facilities. Our knowledgeable project managers are experienced and utilize state of the art systems and processes to manage both risk and cost.


ABC National Excellence in Construction EAGLE Award and ABC Award of Excellence 2013

Client:TDC Genesis, Natchez, MS

Project:TDC Bitumen Unloading Project

Scope: As an EPC contractor for TDC/Genesis Energy, EXCEL provided a total design and construction solution for their Bitumen Unloading facility in Natchez, Mississippi. The scope was to engineer, procure, and construct a project capable of transferring product from as many as 40 rail cars to storage tanks and from tanks to barges on the Mississippi River.

Successful completion of this unique project required ingenuity, complex logistics coordination, outstanding teamwork and incredible adaptability. The project was unique, because this project is one of the first in the US. In spite of the significant scope of work increase, grueling schedule and weather-related obstacles, EXCEL mastered all three challenges. The result, the project was completed on time, under budget with zero safety incidents.

ABC National Excellence in Construction EAGLE Award and ABC Award of Excellence 2012

Client:Seven Seas Water Company for WAPA, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

Project:St. Thomas Emergency Water Project

Scope: Called upon to assist with the critical water crisis in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, EXCEL-SUN Constructors installed 15 sea water reverse osmosis desalinization and multi-media filtration units - each housed in 40 foot containers, associated piping, and equipment to supply the island with urgently needed drinking water after the Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority’s systems failed just before the height of tourist season and the Christmas holidays. The project was completed without a single leak, in record time, and most importantly, without a single safety incident!

ABC National Excellence in Construction EAGLE Award and ABC Pelican Award of Excellence 2012

Client:Valero Refining, Norco, LA

Project:HCU Off-Module Piping Project

Scope: The scope of EXCEL’s contract consisted of the fabrication of large bore, heavy wall pipe spools for the HCU-Off Module project while meeting the Valero’s compressed deadline. The project was completed by working 24/7 for 5 months. To produce such large spools, some weighing over 25,000 pounds, the facility had to be reconfigured and additional equipment installed. The job was finished ahead of schedule and without an OSHA recordable.

ABC National Excellence in Construction EAGLE Award and ABC Bayou GOLD Award 2011

Client: Cruzan Viril, Ltd., St. Croix, USVI

Project: Cruzan CMS (Condensed
Molasses Soluble) Recovery
Project Expansion)

Scope: EXCEL’s St. Croix division, SUN Constructors, worked as the general contractor for all civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work for the Cruzan Rum Facility in St. Croix, USVI. This EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) project consisted of complete construction of a new Waste Water Treatment Facility from design engineering to start-up. Over 6.5 million pounds of pipe, structural steel, concrete piles, facility and construction equipment, storage tanks, cable and wire were shipped or barged to the island from the US mainland and other countries to construct this project. Although a tropical storm and two hurricanes created numerous challenges, the schedule was met and completed with no OSHA recordable incidents.

ABC National EAGLE Award of EXCELLENCE and ABC Pelican MERIT Award 2011

Client: SNF Flopam, Plaquemine, LA

Project: Polyacrylamide Facility Line 1 & 2 Expansion)

Scope: SNF Flopam, a French company, began its grassroots polyacrylamide production facility in 2010. Soon after, EXCEL was awarded the contract to build steel structures, install numerous pieces of equipment, and manage the CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) building erection for Lines 1 & 2. Before mobilization, SNF Flopam asked that the schedule be cut by 50%, and by the end of the project, the scope increased by over 33%. At the completion of the contract, EXCEL had built and/or installed all exterior structural steel for process pipe racks, 3 tank farms, as well as the interior steel structure for 3 buildings, all of which totaled 45,000 pieces at 1300 tons. The scope of transporting and installing equipment grew to over 224 pieces, some as large as 92 feet tall and weighing 47,000 pounds. Over 90,000 man hours were executed while still meeting the shortened schedule with zero OSHA recordables.

ABC Pelican Construction EXCELLENCE Award 2011

Client: IMTT, St. Rose, LA

Project: New Dock 14 Demolition & Tie-Ins Expansion)

Scope: EXCEL’s contracted scope in the construction of IMTT’s dock expansion on the Mississippi River included all mechanical work spanning from the tank farm to the new dock and link-ups to existing docks. The company handled existing pipe demolition, as well as fabricated and installed pipe spools and straight run piping, totaling over 13,000 linear feet. Other mechanical work on the expansion included 36,000 lineal inches of weld and almost 800 different flanged, threaded, and valve connections. Much of the project was performed on the 600 foot long dock over the river as bitterly cold winds blew in the winter and record level flood waters rose in the summer. The project was completed on schedule and with zero OSHA recordable incidents.

ABC Pelican Construction Merit Award 2011

Client: Nalco, Freeport, TX

Project: R 1050 Reactor Replacement Expansion)

Scope: EXCEL worked as the general contractor for this EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract to replace the twenty-five year old R-1050 reactor with a larger, more efficient one. This project included demolition of existing structural steel, electrical, and mechanical components. In addition, EXCEL was required to remove sections of the building where the vessel was housed to make several structural modifications and improvements. The plant was in production during the project and located in a condensed work area, so extra proactive safety measures were implemented to ensure a safe environment for all parties. This complicated orchestration of removal and replacement involved six critical lifts within the extremely congested work site. To compound matters, the urgency to resume production warranted a very aggressive schedule requiring EXCEL to work twenty – four hours a day. The tenuous nature of the project made replacement of the R-1050 reactor complex and precarious, requiring perfect coordination between Nalco and EXCEL. Despite the challenges, the project was successfully completed on schedule with NO OSHA recordable incidents.

ABC Excellence in Construction Award-Bayou & Pelican Chapters 2010

Client: Marathon Refinery, Garyville, LA

Project: GME (Garyville Marathon Expansion)

Scope: EXCEL’s contract spans direct hire electrical and instrumentation construction for four new grassroots process units: Kerosene Hydrotreater, Hydrocracker, Sulphur Recovery Unit, and Catalytic Reformer. At peak construction, 700 skilled crafts personnel performed the expansion. EXCEL personnel executed over 1,500,000 man-hours without a single OSHA recordable incident.

ABC Excellence in Construction Award-Bayou & Pelican Chapters 2010
Greater New Orleans Business Roundtable CICE Construction Award 2010

Client: Valero Refining, Norco, LA

Project: Crude Unit - Vac Heater Upgrade

Scope: During this 250,000 man-hour project, EXCEL installed nearly ten miles of process piping and 2500 welds with a weld rejection rate of less than two percent. EXCEL also provided civil and electrical services for the project that was valued at $25,000,000

ABC Excellence in Construction Award-Bayou & Pelican Chapters 2010

Client: Hovensa Oil Refinery, Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Project: FCCU Block Turnaround

Scope: Hovensa’s FCCU turnaround included both maintenance and a large capital project. The maintenance portion of the project encompassed calibration and function testing of 63 automatic shutdown procedures. EXCEL also conducted a series of disconnection, reconnection, calibration, and loop check of over 500 instruments, temporary power for all contractors, and substation preventative maintenance of more than 500 pieces of other equipment.

ABC Excellence in Construction
Eagle Award 2009

Client: IMTT St. Rose, LA

Project: VGO - 6 Oil Pipe & Thermal Boilers

Scope: Included the demolition and installation of four new thermal boilers and all associated piping, civil and structural modifications. EXCEL self performed all disciplines. The project was complex and fast track requiring precise timing and coordination of the boiler replacements. Installed quantities included over 28,000 diameter inches of welding and nearly 25,000 ft of pipe.

ABC Excellence in Construction
Pyramid Award 2009

Client: Total Petrochemicals

Project: Dock and Pipe Bridge Repair Geismar, LA

Scope: Design services and direct hire construction services for the rebuild of a floating dock and interconnecting pipe bridge destroyed during a hurricane. The work was performed over water and used marine transportation for the large replacement components. The project was unique in scope and was performed in unpredictable environmental conditions.

ABC Excellence in Construction
Pyramid Award 2009

Client: Saudi Aramco – KTI

Project: Emergency Cell Platformer Re-Tube, Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Scope: Complete re-tube of the refinery’s Cell Platformer following a fire. The emergency repairs were completed on a 7 day per week, 24 hour per day schedule with EXCEL supplying all project management, skilled crafts, inspectors, and safety personnel. The project was mobilized within 12 hours of the request. During the next ten weeks over 1200 tubes were removed, replaced, welded, and inspected. The project was completed ahead of schedule with no interruptions and most importantly zero incidents.

ABC Excellence in Construction Award 2008

Client: Kinder-Morgan, Geismar, LA.

Project: Geismar Logistics Center

Scope: EXCEL received the ABC Excellence in Construction Award 2008 for this project. All disciplines of construction were provided for the facility-civil, structural steel, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, and pipe fabrication. EXCEL self-performed all storage tank and equipment foundations, containment, and area paving. Our skilled site team erected structural steel for pipe racks and electrical installations, shop fabricated and installed all piping systems, and installed all electrical systems and instrumentation components.

Client: Hovensa Refining - Technip

Project: Low Sulfur Gas Unit, St. Croix USVI

Scope: Scope included installation of six thousand feet of underground piping, all above ground civil including foundations and pipe racks. Concrete quantities of over ten thousand yards. Installation of four hundred tons of structural steel structures and all fireproofing materials.

Client: Shintech, Plaquemine, LA.

Project: SPP-1 Utilities Project

Scope: EXCEL provided direct hire electrical and instrumentation services for Shintech’s grassroots PVC facility. Our scope included installation of nearly nine miles of intricate cable tray, 50,000 feet of conduit, and over 1.2 million feet of cable. EXCEL performed work in seven process units as well as building the infrastructure for a facility wide power distribution network.

Client: Hovensa Refining, St. Croix, USVI

Project: Waste Water Treatment Upgrade - Phase 1 & 2

Scope: EXCEL provided its client with EPC services on the environmentally mandated wastewater treatment upgrade. In both phases of the multi-year project that began in mid-2005, EXCEL provided vertically integrated services including engineering, construction management, fabrication, construction, and start-up assistance from our offices in both the US and the USVI.

Client: Hovensa Refining, St. Croix, USVI

Project: EDU Project

Scope: EXCEL provided EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services, which included the complete design and installation of the refinery’s 35KV electrical redistribution system. The full complement of engineering, design services, and construction were self-performed in all phases of the civil, structural, and electrical project.

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