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A Champion for Others: Derrick Franklin, Material Handling Supervisor

Derrick Franklin, a Material Handling Supervisor at EXCEL Group with 9 years of experience, is a mentor, advisor, and spiritual leader who fosters community and trust.

EXCEL Group Employee Spotlight Derrick Franklin
Derrick Franklin, Material Handing Supervisor at EXCEL Group
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Derrick Franklin, the Material Handling Supervisor at EXCEL Group, is stationed at a client-partner’s regional maintenance site. With an extraordinary nine-year tenure at EXCEL, Derrick's path is a testament to his unique blend of dedication, hard work, and leadership.

Derrick began his career with EXCEL as a Material Handling Trainer, focusing on training and safety. His diligence and commitment led to a promotion to Site Manager a year and a half later. Today, he oversees a team of approximately 78 employees, and due to site expansion, he expects to nearly double the team size in the next four to five months.

Derrick's day starts early, around 5:00 AM, with his first meeting at 6:00 AM. He meticulously plans and supervises the team’s schedule, ensuring smooth operations across various departments. His role involves conducting audits, coordinating with foremen, and maintaining safety standards. Derrick constantly pursues improving site efficiency by adding personnel, upgrading equipment, and optimizing processes.

Derrick has worked to improve the onboarding process to reduce turnover rates. He emphasizes quality over quantity, ensuring new hires are well-prepared through a rigorous training program. New employees undergo a week of observation, followed by hands-on training under the supervision of experienced trainers. This comprehensive approach has increased production, reduced damage, and eliminated customer complaints.

Passion for the Job
Derrick wears multiple hats—mentor, advisor, and even a spiritual leader to some team members. His genuine care for people extends beyond the workplace, building a strong community and trust within his team.
Derrick finds immense satisfaction in seeing his team thrive. He values the relationships built through consistent performance and communication. By staying ahead of production targets and maintaining a positive work environment, Derrick ensures the site runs like a well-oiled machine.
Derrick's proudest achievement is being baptized in 2013 and choosing a life for Christ. As a former athlete, Derrick’s competitive spirit drives his commitment to excellence. He believes in nurturing talent and never giving up on people. This dedication to personal and professional development fosters a supportive and productive work environment.

Derrick emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining trust with clients through open communication and exceptional and consistent performance.
Derrick Franklin's story is one of steadfast commitment to excellence. His contributions significantly impact the success of EXCEL Maintenance services, making him a standout leader and an asset to the team.

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