Electrical & Instrumentation

DOW-SAMSUNG Chlorine #7 Falcon Project

As a specialty electrical and instrumentation contractor for the Dow-Samsung Chlorine #7 Project Falcon, the largest industrial project at the time.


Freeport, Texas

Contract Value

$79 Million


25 Months

Project Scope

Grassroots, state-of-the-art, Chlor-Alkali unit designed to produce 816,000 MTPA of chlorine and 880,000 metric tons of caustic soda. The first major project by Samsung Engineering America, Inc. to be executed in the United States.


Chemical / Petrochemical

Project Status

Dow Samsung Chlorine Project
Eagle Award

Project Description

EXCEL was hired as a specialty contractor by Samsung Engineering, the engineering firm and general contractor for the Dow-Mitsui Chlor-Alkali, LLC joint venture. At award, the project was the most significant industrial construction project in the Gulf coast area. The scope of the contract was to perform direct hire electrical and instrumentation construction and start-up services for a chlorine and caustic soda facility at Dow's integrated manufacturing complex in Freeport, Texas. EXCEL overcame logistical challenges and workforce shortages; installed, removed, and reinstalled defective client-supplied materials; managed thousands of design changes from Samsung's engineers 14 hours ahead in South Korea. In 25 months, the contract scope doubled to $79 million and was safely completed on schedule. The EXCEL project team received several accolades and commendations from high-ranking owners and client project executives.

Quantity Installation Summary

32,000 ft Cable Tray
190,000 ft PVC Coated Rigid Conduit
130,000 ft Zeta-Bound
3,000,000 ft Cable
30,000 Terminations
1,700 Field Devices
12,000 1/0 Point-to-Point and Functional Checks


  • ABC Pelican Excellence in Construction Excellence Award

  • ABC Bayou Excellence in Construction Gold Award

  • ABC National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award

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