Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation and Fabrication


EXCEL was awarded a lump-sum contract for the installation of the mechanical portion of the GSH project


Geismar, LA

Project Scope

The project, which consisted of setting equipment and vessels, structural steel, pipe fabrication, and installation at the GSH site


Chemical / Petrochemical

Project Status

Eagle Award

Project Description

The BASF Geismar System Hub (GSH) is a self-contained operation that blends raw materials to create customized polyurethane products for customers in the transportation, furniture, and construction industries. The new facility will serve a wide range of applications and solutions and aims to improve service to the growing North American market. The facility covers over nine acres next to the DNT plant in Geismar, LA. Two buildings are connected by a covered truck loading/unloading area for a total of 78,900 square feet under the roof. One of the buildings is a tank farm, which houses vessels holding raw products before blending and packaging. The other building is used for production and contains the lab, warehouse, packaging, and blending plant where the product is mixed to customer specifications.

The project included 27,000 linear feet of pipe, 1,850 bolt-ups, 850 welds, 1,901 supports, 53 pieces of equipment to set, and 255 tons of steel. While the number of materials seemed small compared to larger projects, it had to be installed in less than 79,000 square feet—a space that would become even smaller when filled with the group of contractors competing for the same real estate to install their work.


  • ABC National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award

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