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Largest Green Ammonia Facility in North America

North America's first commercial-scale green hydrogen unit to supply feedstock to the largest Ammonia facility in the United States, producing up to 3,400 tons of green hydrogen feedstock per year.


Donaldsonville, LA


Renewable Energy

Project Status

In Progress

Project Description

The Louisiana-based Green Ammonia construction project marks a groundbreaking venture as the first-ever green ammonia unit built in the United States. Green ammonia, crucial for sustainable agricultural practices and as a potential clean fuel source, underscores the importance of this innovative project. Initiated in March 2023, the project is slated for completion by the end of 2024 and is currently in the commissioning phase.
EXCEL Fabrication has meticulously fabricated all the installed piping, handling a total of 31,681 linear feet of pipe, 230 tons of steel, 1,373 welds, and 2,060 bolt-ups, with mechanical direct hours totaling 71,611. The job's complexity is heightened by the involvement of Teekus, a German engineering firm, necessitating extensive coordination to address missing items and specialty components that resulted in longer lead times. Successful team collaboration has been pivotal in navigating these challenges and ensuring the client and EXCEL teams find efficient solutions and workarounds.

Quantity Installation Summary

Pipe 31,681 LF
Steel 230 TNS
Welds 1,373
Bolt-Ups 2,060

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